Student Charging

The Luther Book Shop now offers student charging. Here's what this means:

General Information

  • Students may charge their in-store purchases to their student account (student receivable) using their student ID card.
  • All items sold in the Book Shop are eligible for charging.
  • If a return of merchandise is necessary, the return will be placed back onto the student’s account.
  • Charging will be available Thurday, August 11, 2016 through April 30, 2017.
  • Charging will be unavailable from May 1 through mid-August.
  • Maximum charging amount is $500 per calendar month (regardless if balance is paid mid-month.) There is no minimum dollar amount to charge.
  • Students are automatically allowed to charge up to $500 per month.
  • Only permanent student ID cards may be used. Temporary cards are not valid.


  • shows the student's statement of account, where a weekly sum of Book Shop charges is listed. A week is considered Friday-Thursday.
  • Because charge purchases are posted to the student’s account, all account balance emails, payment method, and payment deadlines are determined by Financial Services. All payments are made through OFS.
  • can be accessed by the student and shows the individual transaction amounts (not itemized) along with transaction date.