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A textbook buyback will be held in the Book Shop Tuesday - Friday, November 17 - 20 from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. each day. Bring in any books you want to sell and receive cash. Books can be from any term and originally purchased from any source. Please remember that rental books may not be sold.


Fall textbooks are now available to purchase/rent on this website. Advantages of ordering your textbooks online from the Book Shop are:

  • Assurance you are ordering the correct textbooks for your classes
  • Getting early access to used books at discounted rates, saving you money
  • Knowing you are prepared for your classes before you arrive on campus.

 Books are available for purchase both online and in the Book Shop.


  • To find the textbooks you need, first search for your registered courses by going to norsehub.edu-academics>student planning>plan&schedule.
  • Once you have your course list, scroll down hereand select either Comparison Shopping OR Bookstore Only. Then search by term (fall or September) then department, course and section number.
  • Once you've entered your courses go to "add a course" and then "continue to course materials."
  • You can make your selections on the choices offered.
  • For Paideia 111D you will need to purchase the three books listed under Paideia/111D/ALL STAFF. One of these listings is for the summer reading books, The Best We Could Do. If you have already purchased this book, please do not order it, again.
  • You may also need a section book listed under Paideia/111D/Section #. You will find your section number listed after Paideia 111D with your courses you find on norsehub. The section numbers are from 1-30. Some sections will not require a text.


  • Not all, but many books are available to rent.
  • By renting, you are paying the rental fee, using the book for the entire semester, and then bringing the book back to the Book Shop at the end of the term.
  • A rental is less expensive than to purchase, saving you money.
  • Rental books may be used just as you would a purchased book, including highlighting.
  • Rental books are non-refundable unless you drop the class.
  • Don't know if you want to rent or purchase? It is possible to purchase a rented book and just pay the difference if done by the last day to drop classes without record.
  • If you purchased a book and then decide you want to rent, you have three days after class begins to make the switch. You will receive a refund for the price difference.
  • Rental books must be returned to the Book Shop by a designated date at the end of the term. Like with all books, there must be no water or page damage.


IMPERATIVE: Both the "bill to" and "ship to" addresses must be in the student's name, NOT the parent's name, no matter what debit/credit card is being used. Your first and last name must be used. Make sure you list your correct home address, especially if shipping to your home. If you already have an account, double check this information and make any changes. Login and go to My Account. If you are placing your first order on our site, you must create a new account. You may choose your own password.

  • A credit/debit card is the only option for online ordering.
  • Your correct email is imperative. All correspondences are via email. If we email you, it is regarding an important issue with your order that needs a prompt response from you before we process your order. To prevent delays, please watch for and respond to any emails.
  • Within two hours of ordering you will receive an order confirmation. Watch for this email and review your order.
  • When ordering, if you see the message "to be determined" those books are currently not available. Please check back.
  • Some courses have important information regarding the selections listed. Please read any notes carefully.
  • Books ordered through the website will be delivered to your SPO
  • For health and safety precautions, we assist you when you are purchasing books IN the Book Shop

The Book Shop takes precautions to sanitize and quarantine books.

 Now you're ready to order your books! There are two options:

1) Comparison site (You can purchase from the Book Shop and/or other online vendors)
2) Bookstore only site (No shipping fees and free delivery)

 Textbook information is as up to date as possible based on information provided to us by faculty and price quotes from publishers. Please note that because textbook information can change at any time (faculty changes, publisher upgrades, cancelled classes, etc.) we are not responsible for information from this site for the purchase of textbooks from other sources. Students purchasing course materials from the Luther Book Shop site are protected under the store's return policies.

The Book Shop is owned and operated by Luther College and dollars spent stay on campus to support Luther students, faculty and staff.

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