Faculty play a large role in ensuring students are able to obtain the textbooks and materials they need at affordable prices.

The Book Shop is partnering with eCampus to supply course materials to our students. This partnership creates:

  • very competitive textbook prices for our students
  • additional format options for book titles
  • a lengthened return period
  • an everyday buyback for our students 

For faculty:

  • view the cost of course materials prior to adoption
  • easily order desk copies
  • quickly re-adopt previously used books

Submit your course adoptions for Fall by the March 28 deadline:  fast.ecampus.com/school/luther All adoptions should be submitted through this portal (FAST), including courses for which no text is required. Questions using the system should be directed to eCampus at luther@ecampus.com.

Helpful suggestions:

  • Every course needs an adoption submitted, including those that do not require a textbook (music lessons, labs, etc). When you have accessed the course, select “Textbooks are not required for this course.” Until a selection is made, you will continue to get emails from eCampus and the status of this selection will be TBD after the textbook adoption deadline.  One button is all it takes to make the student experience smoother.  
  • The Course Comments field can be used to:
    • Make a notation that a course reader (printed on campus) is required and available in the Book Shop. Course readers should not be entered into FAST (eCampus adoption portal) but submitted directly to the Book Shop.
    • Link a syllabus or other PDF
    • Provide general information you would like to convey to students
  • The Book Comment field is ideal for clarification, such as:
    • “Only purchase one copy of Adam’s text, not both.” This would be used when you selected two books (book Selection is Choice) but only want students to purchase one of the two. 
    • “This book will be used for the next three semesters.”
    • “Clickers are unique to the user so you cannot share. A clicker can be used for multiple courses and semesters.”
  • When adopting, all available format options will be displayed. 
    • If a digital version is available and you do not want to allow it, email luther@ecampus.com and state your request. In addition, adding a Book Comment would be very helpful. E.g. “You must purchase a physical book since a digital version is not permitted.”
    • If you want students to only purchase a new copy of a text, toggle the Requires NEW button to Yes when adding the adoption. A Book Comment, “since this is a workbook, used copies are not permitted” would be helpful. 
  • Loose leaf format will automatically only be offered as New. If you would like students to be able to also purchase Used, enter a Book Comment. "New or Used is acceptable but take into consideration only a New copy can be guaranteed to have all the pages."
  • If the FAST session expires/times out, click on the blue highlighted text : Sign in again via "Your School Account."
  • Departmental Heads and Administrative Assistants are able to view all courses and submit adoptions, if needed.
  • For cross referenced courses, each course will need an adoption submitted. Use the Copy All button to quickly adopt across all courses.
  • If eCampus is having difficulty obtaining a book or sufficent copies of a title, they will reach out to you via email.
  • If you have submitted your adoption and then the course is cancelled, you do not need to let eCampus know.
  • After you have submitted your adoption, at the top of the page, you will see Preview. This shows you what the students will view.

No books will be physically stocked in the Book Shop. Orders may be shipped to the student’s home, but all book orders that are shipped to the Luther Book Shop will ship free freight and take 2 business days to arrive (if ordered by 2 p.m.). Please take this into consideration and remind students in advance when a book will be read. Students will purchase their course materials through luther.ecampus.com/ and direct their questions to bookstore@ecampus.com.

Course readers and some supplies will be stocked in the Book Shop. Faculty created readers need to be submitted to the Book Shop. All copyrights should be granted prior to submission. If you need assistance logging into the Book Shop's account on copyright.com, please contact Deanna at 563-387-1038 or castde01@luther.edu.