Faculty play a larger role than you might recognize in ensuring students are able to obtain the textbooks and materials they need at reasonable prices. Luther Book Shop relies on you, the instructors and faculty, to submit textbook lists for your courses in a timely fashion each semester. Timely lists allow us to source the correct textbooks and obtain a maximum supply of used textbooks. On the other hand, a delayed textbook list can result in inventory shortages, with students unable to obtain required texts and used textbooks. When submitting your order, please include all standard information and any other specifics that will help ensure we order the correct textbooks:

  • Term, department and course number
  • Author, title, ISBN, publisher and edition
  • Whether the book is required, optional or choose one
  • If access codes are required with text
  • If you will accept digital/ebook versions
  • If the book is available at no cost online but you would like physical copies available for purchase, please specify

Book Shop policies are found in the Faculty Handbook. Please review this prior to placing your textbook order.

Please do your part and submit your textbook lists as early as possible each semester.

Textbook adoption deadline for summer and fall terms 2023 is Wednesday, April 5,  2023.

To submit your textbook adoptions for summer terms 2023  please click here here.

To submit your textbook adopitons for fall term 2023  please click here.

Fill in as much information as possible. You can add as many titles as needed per course. When finished click send. For additional courses, begin the process, again. 

Course Readers:
Faculty created readers should be submitted to the Book Shop. All copyrights should be granted prior to submittal. If you need assistance logging into the Book Shop's account on copyright.com, please contact Deanna at 563-387-1038 or castde01@luther.edu. The Copyright Clearance Declaration must be signed before copies are made. A copy can be obtained in the Book Shop or here.

Luther's Copyright Policy

Please phone or e-mail JoAnn at 563-387-1036 or uhlejo01@luther.edu with any questions.