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You're in college, and that means you've gotta get some textbooks. Figure out what classes you're enrolled in and then come buy them from us.

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You're never going to look at those ever again. Get that money.

General Merchandise

Buy the latest awesome stuff your university has to offer. I bet there's a hoody that would look great on you. Definitely a hat.

Normal Hours
August 21st-May the Book Shop will be open from 8:45am-4:45pm please also check our website for our weekend hours.

Book Signing- Tuesday, September 26
Majorie Woolacott will be giving the Oen Lecture from 7:00pm until 8:30pm in the Recital Hall, with a book signing to follow. The lecture will be based mostly off her new book, Infinite Awareness. The book can be purchased at the book signing or in the Book Shop.

Homecoming Book Signing Bonanza- Saturday, October 7
Four Luther authors will be visiting the Book Shop. Stop in and give them a warm Norse welcome!

From 11am-1pm Jerry Johnson will be signing his new book, A limit of Coot: A Curmudgeon's Final Observations about life in the North Country.
From 11am-1pm Keith Lesmeister '01 will be signing his new book, We Could've Been Happy Here.

From 1pm-3pm Marvin Slind, Emeritus History Professor, will be signing his new book, Ivy.
From 1pm-3pm Jerry Twedt '57, books he has written will we signed and available for all classmates and friends to purchase. Jerry cannot attend but sends his love!

From 3:30pm-5pm Kurt Clopton '92 will be signing his new book, Superguy.

*All books listed above are available for purchase in the Book Shop

Book Signing- Tuesday, October 10
James Fallows will be giving a lecture sponsored by the Farwell Endowment from 7:00pm-8:00pm in the CFL, with a book signing to follow. Three of his newest books will be available for purchase in the Book Shop and at the book signing.

Book News
Warmly Weston A Luther College Life, by Wilfred Bunge is back in the Book Shop. Purchase a copy  for $10.00.

Jostens Information
Are you having issues with your ring? Or do you just need a polish? Check out Jostens Warranty Repair information to know who to call and where to send your ring. Feel free to also browse their website to view other items that may entice you too. If you feel more comfortable talking with the Book Shop about your ring issues we are always available to help as well.

Books for spring term 2015 are now available to purchase in the Book Shop.

Reminder! To be certain you have all books needed for your classes, we strongly encourage you to purchase all titles at the beginning of the semester. The Book Shop will begin to return textbooks to the publishers one month after classes begin.

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